EcoSprout Wants to Help You Grow

Literally, EcoSprout wants to help you grow, and not just your investment portfolio. They want to help everyone grow food at home. In fact, the company is based on the belief that Every home should have an indoor farm to support their family with fresh produce. They want to provide the system, components, and knowledge to create successful home growers for decades to come.

The reason is simple. The ability to grow food at home is the best and most reliable way for families to eat fresh food sustainably. The idea of tower farming or vertical farming is not a new one, but the way they do it is. 

Disrupting the Farm to Table Supply Chain

Growing things is good for the environment, right? Sure, but the one part of the equation that increases greenhouse emissions and negates the environmental gains is getting the food from the farm to your table. This is especially true of “the last mile” of shipping, the common name for the final trip to each individual store. 

Buying local helps, but it can be challenging. Even finding local greenhouse vegetables in northern climates in the winter can be a challenge. But what if there was an alternative?

That’s where EcoSprout comes in. With its farm at home system, you can grow your own food, from seed to harvest, with a minimal footprint at home. This eliminates the impact inherent in the farm to table supply chain.

 Who is EcoSprout?

A diverse trio are at the core of EcoSprout. It’s a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with the mission to bring high quality products in an all-in-one easy to use system for those looking for a more resilient growing method. 

Dennis Holden developed a passion for using technology and automation to help people grow using alternative techniques in 2008 while working on a master’s in computer science. Since then, he has been researching and experimenting with vertical farming, aquaponics, and hydroponics. A U.S. Navy veteran, Dennis has more than 19 years of professional experience in technology, security, operations and leadership. 

Rodney Martinez is an entrepreneur, a farmer, and a retired veteran of the Navy and Coast Guard with more than 27 years of experience in information technology, program management, and operations. In addition to his many passions, Rodney’s an artist who has exhibited his work since 1998. 

Beatriz is an agronomist with 15 years of experience living and working on three continents. She began her career by facilitating agricultural trade between the United States and Chile, worked with refugees and vulnerable populations in Turkey and Peru, and has been an agricultural consultant in the United States since 2019. 

The one thing they have in common is their passion for agronomy, hydroponics, and making it easier for everyone to farm at home. They envision a world where a vertical farm is like a refrigerator: every home has one. 

Dennis and Rodney met at graduate school over a decade ago, and they added Beatriz, a longtime friend of Dennis to the team for her expertise in agronomy.

Their passion comes from the desire to change the world for good while having fun, and they feel like what they are doing just makes sense from an environmental, health, and economic standpoint. 

What is EcoSprout? 

Dennis and Rodney found a product they could build a company around. It was superior to similar ones on the market, and meant they could offer customers an all-in-one system they knew would work. 

The physical system to grow food at home including all the components someone would need, and the knowledge to use them come in a package which takes ten varieties of seeds from start to finish. 

The system offers more growspaces than their competitors with a similar footprint, meaning you can grow more in the same amount of space. And even the largest system can be expanded if need be. Over time, the ability to grow a greater variety of fruits and vegetables means a family can have their own farm to table system at the size and type they need. 

And their timing could not be better. If there is one thing COVID has shown us, it’s that self-reliance is an important part of home planning. Eliminating the need to get key nutritional items from the grocery store increases resilience. 

Just as important is the fact that food loses nutrition in transit and over time. Picking food at home is the healthiest form of growing. And it’s sustainable and renewable.

Innovative Partnerships

Soil substrates are important to home growers, and EcoSprout has partnered with HollandBioProducts to bring innovative substrates made of Jute to the United States and Canada. This proprietary formula is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and works much better than rockwool. From grow mats to various sized plugs, the product is designed specifically to meet the needs of the home farming community. 

Giving Back

EcoSprout is about more than just helping you grow. They are also giving back to their community. They are very selective about who they partner with because they want to ensure the money they give is spent with purpose. 

So they partner with Let’s Chow, a Veteran founded non-profit that takes those vets who want to learn cooking skills to the place they want to go, from going to culinary school to food truck ownership or just cooking better at home. You can check out their website here

The company is looking to support other non-profits that are working to benefit their communities and specifically that support veterans and their efforts to adapt after leaving the military. 

Everyone should have the ability to have an indoor farm to support their family with fresh produce. That’s the vision of EcoSprout. When everyone is equipped with the ability to farm at home and the field to table infrastructure is literally a matter of feet rather than miles, the world will be a better place. 

That’s why EcoSprout wants to help you grow, and change the world one home farm at a time.