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Jam Sessions

Evolution teaches the strategies and science of startups, from inception to early growth.  Most founders are hyper-focused on one aspect of the business model, the product or service they offer, and miss the strategic landscape in which their companies operate.


While other resources exist to provide early business training, Evolution stands apart for the quality of its instruction and depth of experience in its coaching team.  

January 2020
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​If you want to raise money, you can save time by simply being fundable. And not just being fundable, but being successful!


You have either built a business model that is fundable or you have not. VCs only fund certain kinds of businesses. 

  • Does the story make sense?

  • Do the numbers make sense?

  • Is there an active market for your model?

  • Can your model scale?

  • Does your model provide multiple revenue streams?

If you had a friend raising money today, what would you tell them first?
What are the things you care about as an investor?
Build a Brand & Monetize - But How?
Building Intellectual Property for Your Brand