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Evolution teaches the strategies and science of startups, from inception to early growth.  Most founders are hyper-focused on one aspect of the business model, the product or service they offer, and miss the strategic landscape in which their companies operate.


While other resources exist to provide early business training, Evolution stands apart for the quality of its instruction and depth of experience in its coaching team.  

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Startup Lifecycle, Business Models, Value Propositions, Investor Value Propositions

Investor Types, Investment Lifecycle, ROI, Common Investor Concerns

Corporate Structure, Documents, Accounting, Cap Table, Funding Rounds

Term Sheets, Common Stock vs Preferred Stock, Valuations, Convertible Notes & SAFEs

Identifying Targets, Pitch Decks, Executive Summary, Pro Forma Financials & Projections

Delaware Corporation - establishing and registering, Investor Paperwork, Business Banking