5 New Startups You Should Know About in Sacramento

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

It’s official! Our 3rd cohort started June 10th and we are excited to share with you which startups made the cut!

AAHomestays - Nhut Chiem, Founder

Founded to meet the changing demands of students in a modern internet-based society, AAHOMESTAYS helps students find safe and secure housing while attending school away from home. We help communities connect with students interested in homestays. We assist with on-campus student housing. We work closely with universities and colleges. Our goal is to grow globally and be the premier platform for booking rooms and dorms anywhere around the world.

ALOHBE - Richard Obregon, CEO

Steam Methane Reformation (SMR) is not carbon free. It uses tremendous heat and pressure to create hydrogen from methane. This does produce hydrogen but it does not reduce the carbon footprint and the hydrogen created must be further purified to be used by fuel cell technology. 

Not only does it not solve the carbon footprint issue, but it must also be heavily pressurized for the safety for storage and distribution. But if an accident was to happen, not only would be a pressure bomb, the flammability of hydrogen would also be catastrophic.

If hydrogen is going to be the future of replacing other fuels, these problems must be addressed.

Our eco-friendly and proprietary technology allows the customer to produce high purity hydrogen gas and heat faster and on demand while avoiding the transportation and storing hazards of hydrogen gas through the use of aluminum and the Woodall Process.

SHINE Smart Jewelry - Mary Adams, Founder

The problem is lost, misplaced, and stolen jewelry. It’s the most expensive of $3B in US goods lost per year.

"As one of my friends entered the door of her car, she stepped on what turned out to be a diamond and platinum earring that appraised for nearly $7,000. This led me to the idea: what if the person who lost it, had the technology to find and identify it. Shine does exactly that. It tracks and verifies jewelry."

Their solution is to track and verify jewelry with nano GPS chips placed on jewelry settings that also contain a unique identifier. With a battery life of up to five days, SHINE Smart Jewels can be charged wirelessly with the Smart Jewel Box, or with induction through your iPhone X+ or Samsung 10 and other devices. A mobile app pairs the smartphone to smart products.

SHINE products range in price depending on whether the gemstones are created or genuine, and they vary in metal type. SHINE also includes smart features such as safety, fitness, wellness, fingerprint, identity, payments or purchases, and keyless entry. There is also secondary and related problem being solved with a solution in the area of grown gemstones with existing startups in the bay area. 

Social responsibility and ethical solutions – Related problems being solved in the areas of: 1) grown gemstones, 2) safety, 3) children/elderly/others in need of smart features.

Boston Bonn - Javelin Concepts

One of the many problems solved by Javlin Concepts tactical Plate Carrier and Rhodesian designs is the lengthy process of switching over plate carrier set up. What could take up to 15 to 20 minutes is now doable in under 10 seconds, giving the operator the ability to now use that time to better prepare before going out on mission instead of trying to get his gear set up. In the game where seconds matter most, Javlin Concepts saves minutes.

Boston Bonn, founder, a combat veteran with 6 years experience in the Special Operations Community who has designed innovative tactical equipment for Military and Law Enforcement that increases comfort, diversity, and user maneuverability through patent pending designs.

Dan McGuire - Food Pill Diet

Problem: Obesity Epidemic & Climate Change

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 40% of Americans – over 93 million people – are obese. In addition to the obvious negative health effects of obesity, the economic impact is staggering, with annual medical costs associated with obesity climbing to over $190 billion dollars.

The overconsumption of animal-based products, including meat and dairy, is associated with high rates of obesity and adverse health conditions. In addition to the negative effects on human health, the high consumption animal-based foods have played an important role in accelerating global warming and overall environmental decay. The global consumption of meat is forecast to grow 76% over current levels by mid-century, which is a pattern incompatible with strategies to control climate change. Livestock are responsible for 7.1 gigatons of greenhouse gases per year – equal to the tailpipe emissions from every vehicle on the plant.

Solution: Solve the Hunger Issue While on a Low-Calorie Diet and Consume More Plant Based Foods

The Food Pill Diet ™ is a patent pending food consumption methodology in which customer’s substitute traditional food for a diet composed of 100% plant-based food in pill format. The science behind this diet methodology, developed at the NASA Ames Research Base, is that if you don’t taste your food then you can trick your body into not releasing ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and not feel hungry. This allows you to be on a low-calorie diet with much less difficulty than if they are constantly battling cravings.

For more information on our Sacramento Accelerator Program, please contact Marsha Rogers (marsha@evolutionacceleration.com).

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