Evolution Accelerator Cohort Member Featured in Forbes Magazine

Updated: Jan 8

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — Daniel McGuire, a participant in Evolution Accelerator’s Cohort 3, was recently featured in Forbes Magazine. He is presently raising capital to expand his new business, Food Pill Diet. So far, Mr. McGuire’s efforts have generated $150,000.00 in verbal commitments.

McGuire’s personal research led him to notice that the loss of a sense of taste was repeatedly linked to weight loss. He then theorized that if an individual could get calories into the body without tasting the food then one could mitigate the uncomfortable desire to eat more.

He developed a plant-based food pill, and under medical supervision, consumed only these pills for three months. The result was a loss of sixty-five pounds in twelve weeks. Heartened by this success, McGuire filed a patent for his product, and initiated further clinical studies with dedicated test subjects. He has also partnered with The University California Davis nutrition department to continue research and development at their lab space.

Click the article below to learn more about McGuire’s breakthrough product.

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