Small Business Week: Entrepreneurs That Are Making a Difference

Updated: Jan 30

Evolution Accelerator loves hearing the stories of entrepreneurs and the projects they are working on. Here are a few startups we recently met and think you might enjoy learning about!


Location: Sunnyvale, Ca

LingoCard provides an international educational platform for study of any foreign languages and conversation practice.

What Problem Are You Solving?

  •  Improving vocabulary and storage of hard-to-remember words

  • Lack of time for studying foreign languages

  • Search of native speakers and tutors for language practice

What Is Your Solution? Why Is It Great?

  • We develop an international educational platform for study of any foreign languages, conversation practice and improving vocabulary.

  • Algorithms for the automatic selection of the material under study help to multiply the amount of memorized information.

  • We created unique player which makes it possible to learn languages anytime and anywhere.

  • We developed a mobile application for learning any foreign languages

  • We create artificial neural network for self-study and the search for the best interlocutors.

  • We invented disruptive educational technology.


Location: San Francisco, Ca

A journal is more than a work surface. It’s a landscape. A self-portrait. A stage. It’s a launch pad. A treasure chest.

What Problem Are You Solving?

The current products in the stationery space are either or. They either want to replace traditional handwriting with technology or avoid technology. The current marketplace has a gap where individuals can’t find well-designed products that appeal to both men and women. The brands that dominate are heavily skewed towards either the male market or the female market.

What Is Your Solution? Why Is It Great?

Our products are geared towards individuals looking for unisex design appeal with greater functionality at an approachable price point. We want to create products that blend century-old materials with new technology to create unforgettable personal experiences.

Shine Jewel Inc

Location: Sacramento, Ca

What Problem Are You Solving?

The problem is lost, misplaced, and stolen jewelry. It’s the most expensive of $3B in US goods lost per year. As one of my best friends entered the door of her car, she stepped on what turned out to be a diamond and platinum earring that appraised for nearly $7,000. This led me to the idea: what if the person who lost it, had the technology to find and identify it. Shine does exactly that. It tracks and verifies jewelry. (Problems that relate to social responsibility and ethical solutions) – Secondary problems being solved in the areas of: 1) grown gemstones as opposed to created/genuine, 2) safety features, 3) well-being, 4) children/elderly/others in need of other smart features.

What Is Your Solution? Why Is It Great?

Great Solution – To track and verify jewelry with nano GPS chips placed on jewelry settings that also contain a unique identifier. With a battery life of up to five days, SHINE wearable IoT on jewelry can be charged wirelessly with the Smart Jewel Box, or with induction through your iPhone X+ or Samsung 10 and other devices. A mobile app pairs the smartphone to smart products. I’ve received feedback using Survey Monkey, targeting women over 18 with an income range of $150K - $200K in metropolitan areas throughout the US, and 70% were in favor of using a tracking device for fine jewelry. SHINE products range in price depending on whether the gemstone is created or genuine, and they vary in metal type. SHINE also includes smart features such as safety, fitness, wellness, fingerprint, identity, payments or purchases, and key-less entry. Social responsibility and ethical solutions – Related problems being solved in the areas of: 1) grown gemstones, 2) safety, 3) children/elderly/others in need of smart features.


Location: Sacramento, Ca

Egeria is a SaaS platform that facilitates the efficient and wise deployment of public funds by reducing barriers to access and increasing accountability.

Public funding is plagued by waste, inefficiency, and lack of equitable opportunity. Today’s tools and processes are outdated and fractured, causing governments and their stakeholders to waste thousands of hours and millions of dollars annually. Egeria addresses these challenges by connecting stakeholders, improving education, aggregating data to guide intelligent fund allocation, and serving as a comprehensive – and completely free – source of public funding opportunities.

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