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Wage & Hour Basics – Preventing wage & hour claims through compliance with current labor laws 

By Evolution Accelerator | January 12, 2021

Understanding and complying with basic wage and hour guidelines should be of the utmost importance to a company. Keeping up with changing labor law requirements can be daunting. Not understanding the basic laws can have dire consequences.  The following information is intended to provide insight into the most basic labor requirements with focus on California…

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Mentors: The Hidden Key to Startup Success

By Evolution Accelerator | December 23, 2020

Want to know the one thing that at least one in three tech startups considered successful have in common? Mentors. According to a well-known survey of New York Tech startups by TechCrunch shows that those founders who were mentored by other successful founders in their field were three times as successful in many areas.  What…

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10 Startup Industry Trends to Watch in 2021

By Evolution Accelerator | December 23, 2020

It’s pretty obvious that 2020 for many companies has been one they can’t wait to put in the rearview. Not only does it give more meaning to the expression “hindsight is 2020” but it also has been a year of painful but necessary transformation. However, for other industries this year has been an innovation opportunity.…

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How to Streamline Your Hiring Process

By Evolution Accelerator | December 7, 2020

Hiring Process Basics  Even during these challenging times, it is still a competitive market regarding finding the best candidates and maintaining a top quality workforce. As companies have had to retool and rebuild their workforce, and having a solid hiring process in place is critical.  Having to adapt to the changing environment created by COVID-19…

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EcoSprout Wants to Help You Grow

By Evolution Accelerator | November 30, 2020

Literally, EcoSprout wants to help you grow, and not just your investment portfolio. They want to help everyone grow food at home. In fact, the company is based on the belief that Every home should have an indoor farm to support their family with fresh produce. They want to provide the system, components, and knowledge…

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Wind Harvest Finds a New Avenue to Harvest Revenue

By Evolution Accelerator | November 18, 2020

Startups often have a problem during the process of creating a viable product: you need money to develop that product, and that means you need investment funding. But without sales and revenue, most investors won’t touch you. It’s a chicken or egg type things. Which comes first? Sales and the resulting revenue or investor funding.…

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How Much Funding Should You Raise?

By Evolution Accelerator | November 10, 2020

This common is almost as common a question as the classic, “Are we there yet?” posed by children on road trips. Because every startup needs capital to operate with, but how much? That question leads to several more, but the reality of the situation is: “It depends.”   There are three primary things to be…

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The Feedback Loop: Are You Coachable?

By Evolution Accelerator | November 3, 2020

If you ask the average startup founder “Are you coachable?”, you will get a resounding, “Yes, of course I am!” The problem is often that the definition of being coachable may vary from person to person. Can you take customer feedback without feeling like someone called your baby ugly? How quickly do you respond to…

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Connecting on LinkedIn: Building a Network that Works

By Evolution Accelerator | October 26, 2020

LinkedIn is a great place for business leaders to network. In fact, it is the go-to network for B2B conversations and marketing. People go to Facebook to unwind and relax, and the same is true of Instagram. They go to LinkedIn for more than just job hunting. They go to connect with companies, get advice,…

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Due Diligence: What Investors REALLY Want To Know

By Evolution Accelerator | October 14, 2020

When you look at the words Due Diligence, startup founders seeking funding shudder just a little bit, especially if they live on the creative side of things. Because due diligence is a little bit scary. It’s like stripping down in front of the doctor for a physical exam. You know you have to do it, but there’s…

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